Personality Adaptations

Personality Adaptations: A New Guide to Human Relationships Learn how this theory can help you open the door to therapeutic contact and lasting change This above all: to thine own self be true,” William Shakespeare, Hamlet.

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Wonder is Key to Discovering Truth

From Wonder To Knowing The above quote describes the shift from being in wonder to knowing. In wonder we are open to experiencing, exploring and discovering. Through knowing, we categorize. Once we categorize, we often close the door on discovery. In the quote…

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Family Therapy Training

Family Therapy Training at Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy in North Carolina offers training and family therapy. Vann Joines, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and AAMFT approved supervisor with more than…

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Getting Started with Play Therapy on a Budget

Becoming a Play Therapist on a Budget  Becoming a Registered Play Therapist requires investment in continuing education and often supervision. Training expenses often include travel itself and time away from your regular practice. People seeking to become a play therapist often…

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5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

Halloween is over and the Holidays are just weeks away.Soon, families will gather together to share food, gifts, good-cheer, and traditions. For many of us, however, the celebrations are also a time for tension and tears. Pulses quicken and patience…

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