Basics Seminar – Advanced Integrative Therapy

Learn to Treat Trauma Quickly and Effectively: Basics Seminar – Advanced Integrative Therapy (Energy Psychology Approach)
*This seminar is a prerequisite for all other AIT seminars.


AIT (Previously called Seemorg Matrix Work) is the first complete body centered, psychodynamic, transpersonal energy psychotherapy. It dramatically accelerates and deepens growth, insight, transformation, consciousness, and ego development by providing profound and lasting relief from destructive desires, fantasies, compulsions, obsessions, addictions, negative beliefs, negative desires, self-destructive behavior, sexual and other forms of abuse, PTSD, flooding, and incoherence.

The instructor will discuss theory related to the primacy of trauma in the development of non-organic psychological disorders, and then offer training in relevant energy psychology skills and the AIT Covenant (a protocol that allies the client’s conscious and unconscious toward healing). Then, the instructor will explain, demonstrate, and lead practice of four basic trauma treatment protocols and two protocols that awaken or instill positive beliefs, attitudes, desires, and qualities. Finally, the instructor will help participants learn how to integrate meditation—the world’s oldest form of energy psychology—into their practices.

Course Topics: The Clinton-LeShan theory of trauma; AIT Covenant; Psychotherapy using the Chakras; Methods of removing resistance; Step-by-step protocols for transforming traumatic patterns and beliefs; Therapist self-care applications; Meditations to facilitate healing; Development of clients’ positive qualities; Rapid protocols for emergencies.


Learning Objectives
By the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss the AIT view of trauma and its effects.
  2. List the steps in the Three Step Transformation.
  3. Describe the basic trauma protocol.
  4. Give an example of an originating trauma.
  5. List the steps in testing for neurological disorganization 
  6. Explain the significance of testing for dehydration.
  7. Demonstrate how to install a positive belief.
  8. Discuss the value of the Covenant Protocol.
  9. Describe the difference between a presenting trauma and an originating trauma.
  10. Draw a diagram of a body and identify the location of the energy centers used in AIT work.
  11. Describe the theory behind muscle testing
  12. List two forms of surrogate muscle testing.
  13. Explain what a psychological reversal is. 
  14. Demonstrate how to clear a psychological reversal.
  15. Describe what a negative core belief is.
  16. Explain why it is important to clear negative core beliefs.

Day 1
     9-9:45 Welcome & introduction

     9:45-10:45 AIT Theory of Trauma
     10:45-11 BREAK
     11-11:45 Introduction to Three-Step Transformation
     11:45-12:30 Energy Centers and Muscle Testing
     12:30-2 LUNCH
     2-2:45 Neurological Disorganization & Reversals
     2:45-4:30 Trauma Protocol (break in middle)
     4:30-5:30 Trauma Connections
Day 2
     9-9:15 Review
     9:15-10:45 3-Step Transformation Demonstration & Practice
     10:45-11 BREAK
     11-11:30 Surrogate Muscle Testing
     11:30-12:30 Stance of the Therapist, AIT Roadmap, Connecting, Client History
     12:30-2 LUNCH
     2-2:45 Core Beliefs & Matrices
     2:45-5 Covenant (break in middle)
Day 3
     9-9:30 Review & Q&A
     9:30-10:30 Structure of the Human Being
     10:30-10:45 BREAK
     10:45-11:30 Positive Qualities
     11:30-12:30 AIT Meditations
     12:30-2 LUNCH
     2-3 Fast Methods of Removing Trauma
     3-4 Q&A & Review
     4-5 AIT Certification & Ongoing Training’s, Closing Circle

LEVEL: Beginner
DATES: January 19-21, 2018
TIMES: 9:00‐5:30 daily
FACULTY: Vann Joines, PhD
$545 if registered one month in advance, $100 deposit ($595 afterward) Retake this seminar for $200 off
PARTICIPANTS: This workshop is designed for psychotherapists seeking training in the theory and application of energy psychology healing to treat a variety of traumas in their clients.
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9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Early Registration$545.00
Late Registration$595.00
Retake Registration$350.00
Location Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy
659 Edwards Ridge Road
Chapel Hill NC 27517
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