Play Therapy for Cooperative Families

Family Play Therapy Training: Play Therapy for Cooperative Families

Do you want to offer family play therapy?

Do highly dysfunctional families feel overwhelming?

Are you wondering how to integrate the theories of play therapy and family therapy?

Perhaps most importantly, do you believe that when you help families transform, you help society for the better?

JOIN US! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to register now to help build a better society and tomorrow for everyone. 

What will I get out of this play therapy training workshop?

Learn how to assess and understand family interactions through a play therapy lens. This family play therapy workshop helps participants integrate play therapy and family therapy theories. Dr. Emily Keller, Co-Director and Vice President of Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy, will share the benefits of integrating the two modalities. Dr. Keller applies family play therapy with families that include children of all ages — even grown children. 

At this workshop, she will offer creative play therapy interventions to assess for and break up dysfunctional family patterns. PLUS: Participants will receive a printed copy of her e-booklet Cooperative Families and printable handouts to use with families. Help shift families from competition to cooperation by understanding how to move them from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. Participants will practice play therapy techniques. Join us for this fun, interactive workshop! 

family play therapy

Family Play Therapy: Play Therapy for Cooperative Families will empower you with knowledge and skills to help shift families from scarcity to abundance, which leads to a switch from competition to cooperation. Join us for this interactive play therapy training November 3, 2017.


  • Explain child behavior through a family systems lens and play therapy lens
  • State at least two benefits of integrating play therapy and family therapy
  • Compare and contrast competitive and cooperative families
  • Discuss how play therapy increases emotional literacy
  • Describe how play therapy promotes cooperative relationships
  • List at least three play therapy interventions to promote cooperative families
  • List at least three play therapy activities to help assess levels of cooperation among family members

LEVEL Beginner & Intermediate
DATES November 3, 2017
TIMES 9:00am – 5:00pm daily
FACULTY Emily Keller, Ph.D, LPC, RPT
TUITION $130 if registered one month in advance, $50 deposit ($150 afterward)

9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Early Registration$130.00
Late Registration$150.00
Location Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy
659 Edwards Ridge Road
Chapel Hill NC 27517
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