Play Therapy in North Carolina

Play Therapy

Dr. Emily Keller, LPC, RPT, offers play therapy services in Chapel Hill, NC. She works with families and children to support their authentic development and growth into their full potential.

Dr. Emily Keller, LPC, RPT, offers play therapy  in North Carolina. In addition to play therapy training, Dr. Keller has extensive training in family therapy. She specializes in  integrating play therapy and family therapy. This combination helps her give families the tools they need to connect to the best within themselves as well as with each other.

Dr. Keller’s play therapy philosophy focuses on wonder. She believes that through a sense of wonder, people never stop discovering and delighting in their inner potential. If you are ready to foster a sense of wonder in your life and family, call Dr. Keller today at (919) 929-1171.

As a mother of four boys and a military spouse, Dr. Keller understands how difficult it can be to walk the talk. She gets parenting struggles. She gets deployments. She is a fierce advocate for her children as she supports their authentic flourishing. She offers parents a been-there, done-that practicality to the theories she espouses.

In addition to helping families transform, Dr. Keller is committed to helping to create a society that values all children. All children deserve the opportunity for spontaneous, free expression and emergence of their authentic self so they can grow into their full potential. All children deserve a psychologically and physically safe space to play freely.

About Play Therapy

Play therapy is an established, research-supported form of child therapy that helps children, especially age 3-12. Through play therapy, children learn to express themselves, heal, and grow. Play therapy leverages the natural language of children — play — to help them overcome emotional, and behavioral difficulties. These difficulties often interfere with normal functioning at home and at school. Whether children are having trouble due to divorce, a recent move, grief and loss, or adoption, play therapy can help! To learn more about play therapy  in North Carolina, contact us at (919) 929-1171.

Sand Tray Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy

Sand tray therapy helps couples uncover what they are saying underneath their words.

Sand tray therapy helps children overcome their naturally limited vocabulary by offering them concrete objects to express themselves. Without a language for traumatic events and emotions, children are compelled to be silent and not process abuse and neglect. Sand tray meets children where they are at. It allows them to communicate and make sense of life events. They then move forward rather than remain stuck in the trauma. Often times, they work through their trauma and stuck places with few words. We know they are working through their issues because the messages in the sand change, and, more importantly, their behaviors change. Sand tray therapy helps teens, who often naturally resist therapy, move through their rebellious tendencies and right into their work.

Dr. Keller also incorporates sand tray therapy in her work with adults. She especially finds it useful in expressing grief and in working through spiritual issues in psychotherapy.