Postgraduate Training Program

The Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy Postgraduate Program offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. If you are ready to immerse yourself in an enriching environment that offers both nurture and challenge, we have a program designed just for you.

We created the one-year Postgraduate Program for professionals with an advanced degree in a discipline related to the study and practice of psychotherapy. This program is for those psychotherapists working with children, individuals, couples, families, and groups who want to deepen their personal journey to expand their professional journey. To that end, we offer an experiential program that builds on your strengths, cultivates your inner wisdom, fosters confidence, and offers personal healing.

You will be challenged to grow and develop resources to become competent therapists and more powerful agents of change — in your life, in your work, and at all levels of society.

Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy has a nearly 50-year history of creating models for personal, professional, and social change. Vann Joines, PhD, and Emily Keller, PhD, Director and Co-Director of Southeast Institute are both dedicated to living authentically and inviting society to align with its essential truth — that all people have worth, value, and dignity.

By becoming a scholar in our Postgraduate Program, not only will you be joining our legacy of change-makers, you will get around 200 hours of therapy and interpersonal supervision and around 148 hours of CE credits (NBCC and APA) for $7995!

Separately, the same programs cost a total of $14,935.

Postgraduates save $6940 for a year of psychotherapy training!  

PLUS, if you are accepted for September enrollment, you will receive an additional

36 hours of in-person play therapy training and CE Credits worth $900 for FREE.  

This offer is only valid through August 31, 2017!

This offer brings your savings to $7840! — SAVING NEARLY 50%


PLUS: The Postgraduate Training will increase to $8995 in the 2018-2019 academic year. Because most postgraduates continue for two years, those who sign up this year at $7995 will lock in that price for the 2018-2019 year!


Even if you don’t work with children, you will benefit from the play therapy training. Dr. Keller has designed the programs to be experiential and to promote self discovery and healing for all participants. Furthermore, she incorporates theory so that those therapists working with adults, couples, families, and groups can easily translate the play therapy skills into their work.


For personal growth, postgraduates enjoy around 200 hours of therapy and interpersonal supervision with:

For professional growth, postgraduates enjoy access to all regular programs and workshops — (at least 148 CEs Credits!) including:


For a limited time only, if you sign up before August 31, 2017, you will also gain access to six play therapy workshops for a total of 36 in-person APT credits toward becoming a Registered Play Therapist. The following BONUS Workshops are worth $900:


If you know that you are ready to step across the space between where you are and where you want to be — personally and professionally — and are ready to apply as a postgraduate, call Dr. Keller at (919) 929-1171. Call now to secure the added bonus of 36 hours of play therapy training!


If you are not sure this program is for you, REGISTER HERE to join a 1-hour video call to explore the program. This call will take place August 9, 2017, at 12 PM. As a graduate of this program herself, Dr. Keller will offer an inside peek into how this program changed the trajectory of her life and career.


“If only I were closer!” If you are thinking this program is for you, except you won’t be able to take advantage of the weekly therapy group, we will offer you the option of joining an online twice monthly personal and professional goals group. This group will offer support toward developing habits that help you meet your goals


*Note: We allow Postgraduates to begin in September, February, and June. September is the only month we offer the added play therapy bonus for joining.