Play Therapy Training North Carolina

Emily Keller, PhD, LPC, RPT, offers play therapy training in North Carolina. Dr. Keller specializes in play therapy for the whole family. Also, in helping people get back in touch with “wonder.” She incorporates play therapy in family therapy sessions, to ensure that every voice is heard — because every voice matters.

Play Therapy Training

Join us for play therapy training in North Carolina. We offer play therapy training that not only expands knowledge, but also offers to participants insight and growth.

Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy has trained therapists from around the world for nearly 50 years. We are proud to offer play therapy training events.

Play Therapy Training Workshops in Chapel Hill, NC

Feb. 23: Play Therapy Across the Life Span 6 CEs

Feb. 24: Storytelling in Play Therapy: The Process of Making Up the Truth 6 CEs

April 20: Be in Wonder: An Open Growth-Oriented Stance for Play Therapists and Parents 6 CEs

April 21: Emotional Literacy and Regulation Skills for Children, Teens, and Parents 6 CEs

Other Training Events

In 2016, Dr. Keller traveled to India to offer a play therapy workshop. The topic was integrating play therapy and family therapy. She looks forward to travelling there again in 2018.

Continuing Education

APT Approved Provider 15-437

We have been approved by the Association for Play Therapy as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, APT Approved Provider 15-437.