Energy Healing in Psychotherapy

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Energy Healing in Psychotherapy workshop with Gary Peterson, M.D., offers a mind-body approach to helping clients heal, move past blocks, overcome resistance, and transform their lives. Energy psychotherapy incorporates traditional energy systems, such as meridians and chakras, and modern science. Research on energy psychotherapy suggests it is an effective treatment for anxiety, trauma, and much more! We've all had clients who get stuck with traditional talk-based therapy, or who are yearning for something they can apply outside of the therapy room. Perhaps, you are looking for new tools to help your clients with high anxiety and trauma. Energy psychotherapy offers powerful techniques that can lead to breakthroughs during therapy. Additionally, it empowers your clients by offering to them tools they can apply on their own as they go through the day. Imagine you clients telling you about how they successfully used energy psychology techniques to reduce their stress with their kids; or to focus on a challenging day at work; or even to neutralize a flood of trauma-related emotion. How does energy psychotherapy work? We tend to seperate parts of us that are very intricately connected: thoughts, feelings, and body, for instance. Yet, all of these involve energetic and electrical processes. The field of energy psychology leverages the relationship between neurological, biological, and energetic systems to transform thoughts, feelings, sensations, and behaviors. These methods can be directly applied with any psychotherapeutic framework. They don't replace what you are already doing, they enhance it. 


  • Administer the biofield brushdown
  • Introduce clients to the science and art of energy psychology
  • Apply energy psychotherapy tools
  • Confidently navigate this burgeoning field 
  • Muscle test clients
  • Apply energy tapping techniques to reduce anxiety, increase focus, and more
  • Use Chinese mieridian acupoints and energy centers to teach self-soothing skills and help clients regulate their emotions
  • Demonstrate to and teach clients the most authoritative and popular techniques for:
  • Balancing
  • Calming
  • Centering
  • Reducing Stress
  • Regulating emotions
  • Living in the now
  • Increasing focus

Learning Objectives: 

  • Discuss how energy healing methods fit into and support general psychotherapy practice
  • Describe memory reconsolidation in clinical practice
  • Apply scaling to goals of therapy and disturbing events
  • Use three calming/centering procedures
  • Administer and interpret muscle testing
  • Assess clinical signs of energy disorganization
  • Develop issues / traumas for targeting
  • Describe the purpose of and execute bridging techniques
  • Apply a problem resolution procedure to disturbing events
  • Employ the light stream technique
  • Use energy centered procedures to resolve disturbing events
  • Perform reliable muslce testing
  • Correct psychological reversals
  • Correct neurological disorganization
  • Apply problem resolution procedures with and without muscle testing
  • Administer the biofield brushdown
May 22nd, 2020 9:00 AM through May 23rd, 2020 5:00 PM
659 Edwards Ridge Rd
United States
Phone: 9199291171
Event Fee(s)
Early Registration $ 340.00
Registration $ 360.00