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Energy Psychotherapy

We have been offering training in Energy Psychotherapy for more than 20 years. Gary Peterson, MD, offers training in psychotherapy healing with energy psychotherapy. Vann Joines, PhD, offers training and certification in his Trauma Resolution Energy Treatment (TRET).

Energy Psychotherapy is the therapeutic process of combining energy techniques (working with the subtle energy systems in the body – the energy meridians and energy centers) with traditional therapeutic processes to effect rapid and lasting change. It is especially helpful in clearing trauma from the body so that it no longer adversely affects the individual.

The origins of these energy approaches began some 5000 years ago in China, India, and other ancient cultures as a natural approach to healing and have resulted in modern day acupuncture, Qi-Gong, Reiki, Advanced Integrative Therapy, Thought Field Therapy, Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Touch for Health and other energy psychotherapy approaches.

What Does Energy Psychotherapy Look Like?

Trauma Resolution Energy Therapy (TRET)

Trauma Resolution Energy Therapy (TRET) offers a powerful and effective way to resolve trauma of all types. It integrates traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy with energy psychology and provides a way to help clinicians get to and resolve unconscious material that few other approaches offer. Specific new skills that will be taught are:

  • An analysis of trauma and how it limits our functioning
  • Understanding the subtle energy systems in the body
  • Energy balancing
  • Muscle testing to communicate directly with the unconscious
  • How to test for neurological disorganization and dehydration
  • Diagnosing trauma and traumatic patterns
  • A trauma resolution protocol for clearing trauma and traumatic patterns
  • Clearing psychological reversals to eliminate resistance
  • How to clear negative core beliefs
  • How to install positive core beliefs

Next Steps?

Visit our Continuing Education Workshops page to sign up for Energy Healing in Psychotherapy or to learn Trauma Resolution and Energy Therapy (TRET).

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