Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut, or that every day feels the same?

Do you feel so anxious or depressed? Don’t want to leave the house? Perhaps, you are coping in ways that are hurtful to you and are adversely affecting your relationships at home and work. Individual therapy can help. It helps you connect with the best of who you are so you can live a more authentic, fulfilling and meaningful life.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Psychotherapy can help you reconnect with the part of you that is sure there is more to life than this.

Individual TherapyBehind the behaviors that are causing trouble, are good intentions. Most people are just doing the best they know how to get by. Unfortunately, they are often overlooking a host of inner and outer resources that are readily available to them. Psychotherapy helps you discover your strengths and create more appropriate strategies for meeting your needs. Psychotherapy is a process of self-discovery and healing that offers increased awareness and authenticity, which lead to an energizing sense of meaning and purpose.

Psychotherapy is a creative and dynamic process that won’t look the same for every client, yet there are some common elements. It is a process that takes place within a confidential professional relationship in an environment that is both nurturing and structured. Your therapist will use his or her experience as to which therapeutic interventions will best promote awareness, exploration, insight, healing, and growth based on your therapeutic goals.

Psychotherapy is more than “just talking” and it is not “getting advice.” At times, it is a challenging process. Some people get discouraged easily because they think that it should help them “feel better” right away. But, usually, the process of “getting better” requires looking inward, taking responsibility, making hard decisions, and sitting with feelings. Often times, the process of healing involves grieving a loss or recovering from a past trauma. That doesn’t always feel good at first. Change requires courage. Therapists are trained to walk the journey with you until you are ready to walk it on your own–with confidence and joy.

Depression, Anxiety, Anger & Addiction

Depression, anxiety, anger, and addictive behaviors (such as alcohol, shopping, or pornography) don’t just affect you. They affect your relationships with your partner, family, and friends. They also affect your work. Depression, anxiety, anger and addiction all stand in the way of living a dream-fulfilled life.

Often times, people know what to do in order to reach their goals. They have problems, however, in moving forward. Psychotherapy can help you identify how you are holding yourself back–fear, perfectionism, procrastination, putting others first, etc.–so you can move forward in your relationship, personal life, and career; So you can thrive.

With therapy, you can learn to overcome anxiety, stop procrastinating, and let go of perfectionism. You can also learn the difference between helping others and rescuing them, so you can comfortably draw boundaries that take care of you while taking care of others.

You might benefit from counseling if you:


  • Want to overcome depression
  • Feel overwhelmed by anxiety or stress
  • Think “I don’t know who I am anymore” (crisis of narrative)
  • Think “I don’t understand why this happened” (crisis of meaning)
  • Have a sense that there is something more out there
  • Feel as if you can’t control your anger
  • Need anger management
  • Feel trapped by fears
  • Are keeping your talents and gifts locked inside and don’t know how to let them emerge and shine

Clinicians Working with Individual Clients

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