Joines Personality Adaptations Questionnaire

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Southeast Institute President Vann Joines, Ph.D., developed the Joines Personality Adaptations Questionnaire (JPAQ), which identifies six personality adaptations. They are:


Creative Daydreamer


Playful Resister


Charming Manipulator


Responsible Workaholic


Brilliant Skeptic


Enthusiastic Overreactor

Did you guess your profile? Discover your personality adaptations for only $10.

JPAQ Training and Workshops

Certification Program in Personality Focused Treatment (PFT)

The Southeast Institute is pleased to announce we are offering a new certification program in Personality Focused Treatment (PFT). Learn about Level I and Level II training.

Introductory Workshop

Learn to build rapport with and treat clients based on their personality adaptations.

PFT Supervision

PFT Certification Monthly Supervision Sessions: 9 AM – 12 PM, one Friday of each month for 6 months.

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Online JPAQ

If you’re a clinician looking to administer the JPAQ, get customized profile results for your clients and have access to automated scoring, treatment recommendations and supplemental data by Dr. Joines, the Online Clinician JPAQ is for you.

Blog Post: Personality Adaptations

Purchase and Download: Video and Audio

Introduction to Personality Adaptations Video

Vann Joines, Ph.D., developer of the Joines Personality Adaptations Questionnaire (JPAQ) gives a video introduction to Personality Adaptations.

Introduction to Personality Adaptations Audio

Vann Joines, Ph.D., developer of the Joines Personality Adaptations Questionnaire (JPAQ) gives an audio introduction to Personality Adaptations.

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