By Emily Keller, Ph.D., LPC, RPT

Redecision therapists integrate redecision therapy theory with theories of family therapy to create a redecision family therapy approach. Redecision therapy was originally developed for work with therapy groups. Today, redecision therapists work with individuals, couples, families, children, and groups.

In this video, Vann Joines, Ph.D., discusses a variety of family therapy theories that he combines into a redecision family therapy approach. He also discusses the helpfulness of thinking about what the “benevolent intent” is behind the family dysfunction. Identifying the benevolent intent helps shift “blame” away from an individual and puts responsibility on the family as a whole for what is going on in the family dynamics. He also discusses one of the myths of doing family therapy. I hope you enjoy this brief video overview of working with families from this integrated/redecision family therapy approach.

If you are interested in learning more about how to work with a family in redecision family therapy, consider signing up for one of our family therapy workshops, or join our ongoing training program. Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy has a nearly 50-year history of training therapists. We are committed to transforming society by transforming the lives of individuals, couples and families. Dr. Joines is a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

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