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Welcome to the Redecision Therapy Blog!

The Redecision Therapy Blog is your resource for using redecision therapy principles, theory, and tools for living authentically. Sign up for our blog to receive tools and tips for letting go of the past and achieving your goals. Build better relationships with the people around you and the people you love. If you are a therapist, many of these tools can not only be used for your personal and professional growth, but also with your clients.

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Emily Keller, PhD, LPC, RPT

Emily Keller, PhD, LPC, RPT

Vice President, Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy

Dr. Emily Keller writes the Redecision Therapy blog. She is passionate about sharing the power of redecision therapy with other people. To this end, Dr. Keller offers psychotherapy training in redecision therapy and co-leads redecision therapy groups, including personal growth marathons. She writes for the redecision therapy blog to share redecision therapy theory and tools with others so they can enhance their personal lives and their psychotherapy work with clients.