Personality Adaptations By Vann Joines

Personality Adaptations: A New Guide to Human Understanding for Psychotherapists and Counselors


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Personality Adaptations: A New Guide to Human Understanding for Psychotherapists and Counselors by Vann Joines and Ian Stewart. Understanding people is a core skill in all approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. Over the years, writers have suggested various systems for understanding personality &emdash; the sum total of all the personal traits that make each person both different from others and similar to others. This book offers you a new and powerful key to understanding people and personality. Central to the book is a research-based model of six personality adaptations. The book describes the six adaptations in detail, and provides a framework for understanding how each adaptation develops. It shows how you can assess someone’s personality adaptations(s) rapidly and accurately. With this knowledge, you can tap into a vast store of information that will apply to that person. For example, you will gain insight into their preferred area of personal contact (in thinking, feeling or behaviour), and learn how you can use these contact areas to maintain rapport and achieve optimal results in counseling or therapy. You will learn the typical “life patterns” that the person is likely to play out over time, and the principal issues that are likely to arise for them in the process of change. The book shows how you can work most effectively with each personality type to help them achieve personal change that is quick, easy and lasting. To convey the true “sound” and feel” of working with this model, the book includes annotated transcripts of actual therapeutic work with each of the personality adaptations. The Model’s usefulness is not confined to any one psychotherapy approach. Whatever modality you use, you can apply the model and benefit from this book. (For full Contents list, go to our Details page). If you want a fun and enjoyable way to learn about the adaptations, you might want to get a CD of songs that have been written about each of the adaptations by Dorney Thompson, LCSW. You can find details about this at his website by clicking here.

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