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TA Today A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis (Second Edition)



Transactional Analysis (TA) is a model for understanding human personality, relationships and communication.  It was first developed by the late Eric Berne, MD. TA sprang to worldwide fame in the 1960s and 70s through the publication of best-selling books like Games People Play and Born To Win. Since then, TA has continued to grow.  Theory has been expanded, reappraised and tested by observation.  In the years since Berne’s death in 1970, TA practitioners have introduced new concepts and techniques that are now at the very heart of the discipline.  TA today enjoys international recognition as a professional approach. aiding effectiveness in fields as diverse as psychotherapy, counseling, education, communications and management training. In this fully revised second edition of their best-selling text, Ian Stewart and Vann Joines introduce you to the power of TODAY’S transactional analysis.  They present the ideas of current TA in straightforward, readable language, with a wealth of illustrative examples.  TA TODAY is equally suitable for self-directed learning or as background reading for college courses.  It gives full coverage of the current syllabus for the ITAA official ‘101’ basic examination.

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