The Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy is committed to making the world a better place for all by connecting people to their worth, value, and dignity and the worth, value, and dignity in others.  We offer to our clients excellence in clinical therapy and psychotherapy training. Read what our clients have said about our programs.

My first academic experience with Transactional Analysis started when attended my doctoral program in Italy, and I was introduced to Vann Joines’ work through his books. When I move to the United States, I told my husband “I have to meet the guy”. So I did. I started the Postgraduate Program back in 2016 and I am still currently enrolled.

This program has been a life changer from a professional and personal point of view. I embraced Transactional Analysis principles and the idea of “I’m OK and you’re OK” as a lifestyle. I decided to enhance my life using the Cooperative Contract at work and with my family, to attend workshops, training and personal work. The Training Program is a lifetime experience that I would recommend to every person that like me, is excited about life and, like Emily Keller said, has a desire to be “aggressively healthy”.

Jessica D'Andrea

Psychologist, Columbia, SC

“Vann Joines is the therapist’s therapist … his depth of knowledge, skill and clinical experience has been invaluable to my growth as a therapist. The Certification Training in TA and Redecision is the foundation from which my clinical confidence has emerged … and success as a practitioner has blossomed. I honestly don’t know how I could do this work without Vann’s teaching and mentoring.”

Craig Herink

Marriage & Family Therapist, Louisville, KY

The Postgraduate Training Program at SEI has been a valuable, rewarding experience for me both professionally and personally.  I highly recommend the program to any psychiatric/mental health professional wanting to be more effective with clients.

Nina Roslovic

RN, Columbus, OH

I have been attending the training program and seminars at SEI for two years and as a result my personal and professional life have been enhanced tremendously. The transactional analysis and redecision therapy and have transformed my practice. I now regard myself as a competent, confident, and effective therapist. My client’s lives are transformed and they are healed by these modalities in a way that talk therapy had not afforded. Vann and Emily are a dynamic team and a joy to learn from as they bring their personal flavor and professional expertise to each training. I consider the SEI experience as a personal and professional vitamin B12 shot I need to refuel and equip for my life and practice.

Dianne Winchester

MA, LPC, CACI, Myrtle Beach, SC

“This training has tremendously enhanced my clinical skills and contributed to improved patient outcomes, and increased confidence for myself as a therapist. The group modality offers a safe and supportive environment for learning and practicing new skills as well as valuable clinical supervision of existing cases. I highly recommend this training to any psychotherapist who is looking for effective ways to acquire new skills and get peer support for ongoing practice.”

Merya Wolfe


“I have learned so much that has enriched my personal and professional life. And it has been fun! I feel lucky to have had the experience.”

James Binder

M.D., Dawes, WV

“I’ve attended the Louisville Group for three years and continue to grow and develop as a therapist as a result. The skills and supervision I’ve received have positively impacted my practice and helped me to be more effective in treating my clients. If you want to grow your practice, attend this training.”

Eric Baker, Jr.

LCSW, Louisville, KY