Couples Weekend

Join us for a Couples Weekend

How do we break out of this cycle?
How do I find the courage to change first?
Do I even want to stay in this relationship?
Our love is deep, so why do we keep hurting each other?

The Couples Weekend offers the chance to rekindle warmth. Join us for this intense 3-day couples therapy experience in Chapel Hill, NC.

People seek couples therapy when they:

  • wonder if they should stay in the relationship or move on
  • want help to stop fighting
  • disagree about important decisions
  • keep feeling the same bad feelings over and over
  • know that their current strategies for change aren’t working
  • are overcoming betrayal
  • have questions about parenting
  • are doing fine, but want more connection, passion, and energy

Couples therapy is an investment in one’s relationship. Couples who choose to invest in therapy spend time, energy, and money. Not investing in couples therapy is also costly. Couples can spend years of time and energy trying to find (or fight) their way through the same recurring issues. They spend money on books and a host of distractions, and sometimes eventually on divorce lawyers and parent coordinators. When people experience the benefits of effective couples therapy, they often wish they had invested in it much sooner.

What if you could transform your relationship in a weekend at a fraction of the cost (in time, energy, and money) that couples spend dealing with recurring issues.

Whether you and your partner are dealing with normal life transitions or are teetering on divorce, the Couples Weekend experience can help. The Southeast Institute has offered bi-annual Couples Weekend workshops for more than 30 years.

Couples who attend the Couples Weekend do so because they are tired of feeling hurt and misunderstood or they are wondering if their relationship is worth saving; or they know they want to reconnect, but don’t know how. Sometimes, they come from families that didn’t model healthy connections. They may need to learn skills to change the cycle of disconnection and withdrawal that lead to feelings of hurt, anger, abandonment and fear.

All relationships take work. When they are going well, they are boosters in our lives, infusing everything we do with energy and support. When they aren’t going well, they weigh us down and we often have a hard time focusing on anything else. This is especially true when betrayal is involved.

Couples therapy is not about ‘going back’ to where you were, but moving forward and transforming your relationship so that you can have more trust and intimacy than before.

 What Happens in the Couples Weekend? Exploration and Experimentation.

The co-therapists foster an environment that promotes exploration and experimentation.  Many times, when we are escalating our upset feelings, all we want is to be seen and heard, and when we are pointing fingers, we are really protecting ourselves, but our partner just feels blamed.  Within a safe environment, couples get in touch with what they want and need while practicing new communication and relationship skills.  They learn to voice their desires to each other and to listen to the other without putting up automatic walls of defense.


What are the advantages of the Couples Weekend compared to regular couples therapy?

  • Condensed time allows couples to focus exclusively on their relationship for a shorter period of time
  • Co-therapists give you couples the benefit of male and female perspectives and a model for positive communication skills
  • Group therapy format helps couples see that others go through similar problems which allows couples to receive feedback from others and learn from each other, and helps co-therapists facilitate powerful interventions such as Virginia Satir’s family sculpting
  • Couples receive the attention of a co-therapist team for three full days at a fraction of the cost of long-term couples therapy with one therapist
  • Couples benefit from a program that gleans and incorporates the best theory and tools from a variety of couples therapy approaches and tools

Chances are you and your partner will feel like the hundreds before you whose only regret was that you didn’t invest sooner. We invite you to come experience how much easier and happier life can be with a few effective tools that can transform your relationship.

Download Couples Therapy PDF here. 

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Couples Weekend Dec 1-3, 2017

Couples Weekend May 4-6, 2018

Couples Weekend July 27-29, 2018

Couples Weekend Oct 19-21, 2018

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